Retaining Walls

What are they?

Retaining walls are built in order to hold back earth which would otherwise move downwards. Their purpose is to stabilize these areas and make them usable, where they would not be retaining wallotherwise. Retaining walls can be built using natural stone or stacked concrete blocks. Nowadays retaining walls are also used as a decorative piece of landscaping in many outdoor spaces. What kind of retaining wall you need depends on its intended use. If you need it for its structural function, i.e. in slopes for your outdoor space, then it can be natural stone or pre-shaped concrete blocks when building a wall up to 4 feet tall. When you need a taller wall, a Segmental Retaining Wall System (prefabricated interlocking concrete blocks) should be used for its innate strength and durability. These systems can of course be used for smaller walls also and come in fantastic designs. Retaining walls are extremely durable, fireproof, pest proof and they need little or no upkeep. They are functional but can be a very beautiful addition to any outdoor space. You get an aesthetic look without compromising function and durability. Give us a call or email us for a free estimate on your next retaining wall project!