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A&A Concrete offers complete repair & installations to any old concrete or stone installations on your property. This could be a concrete porch that is in bad shape or a stone porch that is falling apart, concrete pool decks, concrete driveways or walkways that are just looking bad. 

Concrete and stone are extremely strong materials, which makes it the materials of choice in a lot of cases.

Most people do not think of concrete as something that needs to be repaired. However, the reality is that concrete does require maintenance. It can erode after years of heavy traffic, temperature changes, and more. This erosion can be seen in the cracks between the stones or sinking stones themselves.

Concrete Deterioration

Living in Canada, with our weather, concrete can erode and though stone is a lot stronger than concrete, the cement between the joints can erode and also crack or sink in some cases. 

This is when concrete restorations should be looked at. It is important to ensure proper restoration and maintenance is done. By repairing your concrete or stonework your home will always look its best.

Deterioration is usually due to harsh weather conditions and the freezing and thawing effect during our eastern Canadian winters.

Of course, the other factors are general wear and tear and day to day use that causes small cracks and fractures that get worse over time. 

Corrosion usually starts when there is no protection against conditions, such as acid rain, ice, snow, etc., or poor workmanship when it was originally installed.

These issues take their toll. It is important when you notice cracks or fissures in any concrete or eroding joints, sinking or cracking stones to get it looked after as soon as possible, as ignoring this problem only makes it worse and more expensive for the homeowner in the long run.

 Stone Repair

Stone Repair is an affordable solution that will help preserve the value of your home. There are different methods of Stone repair. A&A Concrete is familiar with these procedures and will advise on the best repair method for your stones.

There is also a point where the stonework looks old or worn, and this is a time when you could replace the original stonework with something new and fresh, which will only increase the curb appeal of your home.

A&A Concrete can help you restore the natural beauty of your concrete and stone and prevent further decay and deterioration.

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