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Concrete Step Repair

concrete step repair & Stone step repair

Concrete & Stone steps can certainly deteriorate, even though concrete is one of the more durable building materials they still are affected by our sometimes harsh Canadian winters. Steps & sidewalks or walkways begin to crumble and crack making them unattractive and in many cases unsafe to use.

Concrete Porch & Steps

A&A Concrete has repaired many porch steps & walkways in many homes throughout Toronto & Southern Ontario and has had many years of experience satisfying our customers with safe and functional concrete or stone steps!

Concrete steps and sidewalks are usually a plain drab gray colour, but more and more they are becoming much more decorative without any sacrifice to their innate durability and function. They are adding curb appeal! A simple pattern or a colour can really give your home an uplift.

In Toronto and the GTA most homes have concrete steps in the front or back and they are usually just concrete slabs. Although they are durable, they are still boring! With a few design ideas, you can really set your house apart from the rest!

Design Options

Concrete today has many advantages, for instance, you can colour your concrete, or go with an acid stain and give it an antique look or just match your existing colour scheme. A simple pattern can change the entire look of your sidewalk or steps. It is only limited by your imagination!

You can create any look you want from mimicking stone, brick or even tile. This can all be done without worrying about expensive upkeep or worrying about the stability and durability of the end results. There are so many decorative choices with concrete to get the perfect look for your outside space. The versatility of concrete these days is vast and will enhance any home and add beauty and value!

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